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who’s gone skinny dipping? 



omg AWWW

300 of those posts are from me reblogging this over and over again.

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don’t say “fanboy”

i dont care if you are male

you are a fangirl

I am a fanman

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that’s me :*

the next person who takes larry too far will be avada kedavra’d by me. like seriously?! it hurts lou so much and people close to them say that el crys over it. like pull your head in ass holes. like have some fucking respect! GAH! and imagine how Harry must feel! like they are afraid to do things in public now because of the dickheads who decide to make up a new rumor everytime and its affecting their friend ship. leave them alone you people need to accept that its a bromance and not a relationship. i dont think lou likes being called gay or a girl. i mean when the thing trended about him for miss universe i could have cried. people need to go and sort their shit out because i’ve had enough! it’s hurting their friends and family and them themselves! not to mention El who is Lou’s GIRLFRIEND. ship larry? thats fine but seriously think of what you say before you say it. because our words, as fans, have such an impact on them. grrrr. people make me so mad i want to cry. fucking good job fandom. good fucking job want a medal for that or…? END RANT - sorry i needed to get this off my chest and i just saw a tweet that made me want to rip my hair out. guess who just got blocked. LOL not done yet…THEY ARE IN LOVE CAN YOU NOT JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY! GAH YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE WAY THEY ACT. LIKE JUST COZ LOUIS AND HAROLD HUG DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE FUCKING OR IN LOVE WITH EACHOTHER! LIKE, it hurts them so much and it makes me so angry. The way his face is when she’s mentioned is like a little boy on christmas morning! they make each other happy! the amount of people i see who say ” i just want them to be happy” and then they go and make Lou and Harry and El and family and friends feel like crap, is unbelieveable! HYPOCRITES THE LOT OF YA. seriously though. ACCEPT THAT ITS A BROMANCE. IT USED TO BE FUNNY BUT NOW AS USUAL THIS FANDOM HAD DECIDED TO TAKE THINGS TOO FAR! SERIOUSLY GET YA SHIT TOGETHER OF GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS FANDOM. AFTER ALL OUR BOYS DO FOR US, THIS IS HOW YOU WANT TO REPAY THEM? GOOD ON YA MATE.


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RB if u think that Despite the resemblance, 1D will forever b the besttttesttt if that’s even a word ;)!!!! <3


Perfection : Lexiee &+ Kat <3

Lexiee  &+ Kat <3